Little Legs, Big Dreams!

As Lenny the dachshund was strolling through the campus of UMW, he came across a poster that caught his attention:

Adopt a Pet,Don't Shop-2


“Whoa!” he thought. “I should enter in this race! I bet I have a great chance of winning the trophy!”

Here is a picture of the winning trophy:

Lenny trophy


Determined as ever, Lenny got to work on his training regiment.


“Whew!  That was tough.  That’s enough training for today,” he exclaimed and collapsed on the cold hardwood floor.

Tired Lenny


“I’m feeling pretty confident that I can win this race and I should probably just reserve all my energy.  Besides, a nap sounds good right about now.”

Nap Lenny


Before he knew it, it was race day.  “Oh boy!” Lenny thought, scoping out his competition.  “I’m definitely the fastest dachshund here.”

Here is how the winner will be determined.  Each participant will run the length of the track, which is approximately twenty-five feet in length, in groups of four.  The winner of each heat will compete in a final race to determine the champion.  Lenny was assigned to heat number three.


And the winner is…..


Hooray! Lenny won the dachshund race!  He knew he could do it!  Here is a picture of the champion with his winning prize.



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