So Much to Do, So Little Time


This video is to fulfill video assignment #2030 entitled “Where do your shoes take you?”  It is worth three stars.  The requirement is to depict a video story using only the viewpoint of one’s shoes.  This version, however, shows a day in the life of Humpty Dumpty.  From the moment he awakens, his day is filled with various chores that need attention.  The idea is to show that he does not have the time to “sit on a wall.”

This video was created with the iMovie application on the Apple iPhone.  Various situations were filmed throughout the day, and combined into one video clip in iMovie.  The original video clip is topped at three minutes and eleven seconds.  In order to reduce the length, the speed was increased to 4x the normal speed.  The final video is a little over one minute in length.  The sound effect titled “Acoustic sunrise” was added in the background to indicate a “happy yet eventful day” for our character.

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