The Lenny Movie

The video below is to fulfill video assignment #2234 entitled “Pupper Appreciation.”  It is worth 2 stars.  Since the blog is entitled “Adventures in the life of a dachshund,” this assignment is a personal favorite.  Basically, the directive is to create a short video montage of a favorite pup, and Lenny the dachshund was selected as the star of this short film.

The video was created using the iMovie app on MacBook, where the photos were cropped using the “Ken Burns” style to create the “zoom” effect.  The “standard lower” option was chosen as the title theme to highlight “Lenny” on the bottom lefthand corner of the first two clips, indicating the name of dachshund.  The song playing in the background is “Just like Heaven” sung by Katie Melua.  It was chosen to compliment the video montage and indicate a “happy” and “carefree” mood.


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