Thinking about Photography

This week was challenging and educational, with lessons focused on enhancing critically thinking as it pertains to photography. The class was asked to review various suggestions on improving photography skills, with the goal of telling a story in a visual form.

After reviewing “tips for better photography,” a few points that resonated were:

  • Pay attention to the moment:  Exercise patience, be observant, and study any patterns that may emerge, which may culminate in achieving the desired photo.
  • Change your perspective and create depth:  By varying distances to the subject, this may create contrasting views and dimensions, which can alter the mood of the photo.
  • Consider being more selective:  Think carefully about the shot, and the preferred outcome.

As part of this assignment, the class was asked to observe a gallery of choice in Abandoned America.  The gallery chosen is titled “Religious and Residential.”

This photo was taken from “The Ascension of Our Lord Church (2014)”

This photo utilizes the idea of framing a shot from a different perspective.  In this shot, the ceiling and the floor of the church are displayed, both of which are fractured and damaged.  By highlighting the mangled areas in a wide frame, the photographer is able to capture a sense of abandonment and despair.

This photo was taken from “Yellow Dog Village (Matthew Christopher 2004-2015)”

The photographer has chosen to depict depth, which gives the viewer a sense of desertion.  By photographing the wall in this close proximity, the separation of the drywall is highly visible, and the structure appears to be crumbling.  The photograph feels post-apolcalyptic, as it presents the idea that the building has been abandoned for numerous years, due to a catastrophic event.


An additional requirement was to participate in a fifteen minute photographic scavenger hunt. These photos were taken near the Lesner Inn, a waterfront event venue and catering facility located in Virginia Beach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This location was chosen for its ample parking and proximity to the Lynnhaven Inlet.  The initial location was originally the Virginia Beach boardwalk, however due to parking restrictions, the Lesner Inn became the sensible choice.

This experience was extremely enjoyable.  The photo illustrating abstract was one in which the goal was achieved.  The camera was held close to the object, which was a gold anchor located in front of a building.  Also the picture of the scaffolding on the side of the Lesner Bridge was a fun way to portray complexity.  The expansion project of the Lesner Bridge began in June 2014 and by the looks of it, construction is still underway.  In addition, the picture of the bush blowing in the wind gave the appearance of an animated object.

The picture thought to be the most inventive was the photo of the interesting shadow.  The photograph appears to be the shadow of a palm tree. In actuality, it is a shadow of a light post merged with the shadow of a tree branch.


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