Vamos a Mexico!

Vacations typically start out stressful.  Ensuring necessary items are packed, meeting flight departure schedules, and accounting for unforeseen traffic delays can cause anxiety to even the most prepared and well seasoned traveler.  However, arriving at the destination can be a rewarding experience despite all the hassle that previously occurred.  Below is an audio story using only sound effects, depicting a long and chaotic travel day to a tropical destination.  This audio assignment is worth four stars.

3 Replies to “Vamos a Mexico!”

  1. I love that you “fast forwarded” through different modes of transportation and wish I’d have thought of that. I was stuck in a consecutive mindset. They do it in print and video, so why not audio too? Well done.

  2. I like how well you transitioned between sounds. It was very seamless. I hope we get more audio story assignments next week so I can see what you come up with next!

    If I could improve one thing about your blow, I would change the default name that is being associated with each blog you post. As of right now it is just ‘Admin’. Maybe check out the settings page for WordPress and change that to something else you like 🙂

    1. I know – that is something I tired to change the first week. I feel like everywhere I searched on wordpress didn’t give me directions on how to update the default name.

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