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The class made it to Week 5.  This educational experience has been intense, yet meaningful.  Going into this course, my expectations included being taught the technical aspects behind multiple media formats.  However, I feel I have gained immense knowledge due to the fact the class was forced to reflect on the elements of a good story.  With all of this combined, I feel that my largest takeaway from this class was learning how to work hard to formulate a good story that is intriguing to others.  I found it very rewarding to be able to offer a story that provides fascination, awe, and a unique perspective.

With that being said, here is the link to my final assignment:

Little Legs, Big Dreams!

Because I dedicated my blog to my beloved dachshund, I found it only fitting to come full circle and draft a fictitious adventure that Lenny would appreciate.  The story follows Lenny through the path of deciding, training, and ultimately winning a dachshund race.  Dachshund races are a real thing – devout owners such as myself would convene and subject their low-riding pooches to these controversial sporting events, mostly for the camaraderie and social aspect.  Dachshunds are not typically known as a racing breed, but are rather defiant and stubborn.  When put in a racing situation, some dogs may choose to simply ignore the task at hand, and instead choose to play with other participants.  Others may eventually make it down to the finish line, especially if coaxed with food or squeaky toys.  Lenny has participated in the Georgia Dachshund Racing league, where he was awarded first place in his heat.  However, he seemed to have lost sight of the prize toward the end of the day – he was more interested in following the other dogs during the final championship round.  Nonetheless, the entire experience was a great time for everyone involved, and I would love to revisit another opportunity in the  future.

Screen Shot of dachshund poster

This is a screen shot of how the dachshund race poster was created.  I utilized, which has become my favorite go-to online design tool.  The layout of a pet adoption poster was selected, however a different image was inserted and the wording was changed to the appropriate subject matter.  Also, the font size was increased by two points to create optimization on the important aspects of the poster.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.53.27 PM

This is a screen shot of how Lenny’s training video was created on iMovie.  iMovie is an easy drag and drop system.  You can layer different sound bytes and songs to your project, as well as play around with the transition features and titling options.  For the creation of the movie, several videos of Lenny running around that were filmed on iPhone were uploaded.  The cross-dissolve transition was added in between each clip, to give the effect of continuation.  Because Lenny needed to be prompted in order to move in certain directions, the actual footage was muted, but the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor was added.  Also, the speed of some of the clips were slowed down to emphasize athleticism.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.08.50 PM

This is a screen shot of the Audacity file used to create the sound byte titled “Dachshund race.”  Most of the material was found on  One track was created with my voice.  In order to create the sound of multiple dogs running, various files were played at the same time.  These files included a single dog running up and down stairs, one running across tile floor, and a file of an actual dog sledding race held in Alaska.

Lenny trophy

This prop was used as the fictitious trophy for the race.  It is a ceramic replica of a dachshund.  This photo was meant to utilize the “Get Balanced” and “Contrast” facet derived from the improving photography skills lesson.  The statue was placed on a dark table against a white wall.  Not only does it create contrast, but it also creates a horizontal line in the background that draws focus into the centered object.

Here is the link to the three Daily Creates required of this week.

Lastly, my favorite picture of this entire project.


This pose took several takes.  Because I needed to drop down to his eye level, Lenny saw that as an opportunity for play.  Eventually, he held still long enough for this photo.

In conclusion, I feel that the process of creating a digital story is a constantly evolving teaching and learning activity that can be very effective to a vast audience with the use of multiple media outlets.  I feel fortunate to have built a small foundation based on the digital storytelling principles that can be utilized across an expanding outlet of possibilities.

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