And the cow jumped over the moon..

Our class was asked to listen and reflect on Moon Graffiti by The Truth Podcast.  It presents a hypothetical alternative to the historical event of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon on July 20, 1969.

I found this podcast to be morbid and a little uncomfortable.  The eerie music playing in the background and the sporadic tidbits of sound effects really emphasized the uncertainty of the situation.  Horror films and mystery are genres that can be uncomfortable for some people, considering that they can evoke fear and suspense by really playing with our emotions.  Horror films especially, seem to capitalize on sound media more than any other film genre.  Proven to intensify the particular circumstance, sound media is like the unspoken hero to an effective story.  It can be the essential component which impacts, creates, and accentuates the desired mood and atmosphere.

Below is a compilation of halloween sounds meant to generate the same feeling I felt while listening to Moon Graffiti.

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