Here’s looking at you, kid.

The beginning of this week did not prove to be terribly strenuous, however a great deal of reflection was required.  This week, the class is tackling the topic of film.  Numerous sources of information were provided to us, mostly to educate on various cinematic techniques introduced by various filmmakers that became both trademark and influential to the film community.

One requirement is a reflection post on Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie.  I throughly enjoyed reading his essay, and actually read a few more of his blogs to familiarize myself with his work. houses a lot of Mr. Ebert’s reviews and essays, as well as current movie criticisms documented by various contributors.

A second reflection post is on various cinematic techniques and how they changed our view on video production.  These videos were found to be extremely educational due to my limited knowledge of film and filmmaking techniques.  The biggest take away for me is the realization that filmmakers and directors usually have a purpose when they decide to shoot a certain way.  There is usually a larger meaning behind the story than is being portrayed.  It is most likely intentional to have characters or objects placed in certain situations, shot in various angled frames.  This exercise has taught me to open my mind and analyze the seen for more than just face value.

This is a daily create that was posted on June 12. The prompt is to take a picture of any tree and write about it.  I came across this tree as I was running an errand to the bank.  I am not exactly sure if it was injured at one point due to weather, or maybe it was purposely stunted in growth.  Either way, it struck me as having potential.

The Alchemy lab color page was a fun exercise to do.  However, I could not figure out how to save the image onto my desk top.  This is a screen shot of the finished product.

What childhood nursery rhyme would I choose to create an alternate ending?

The nursery rhyme of my choosing is Humpty Dumpty.  My ending would change completely because I would make him realize that he simply does not have the time to spend all day sitting on a wall.  Stay tuned for Mr. Dumpty’s next adventure!

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