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This week, I experience a lot of technical difficulties with design.  When I read the prompt describing the assignment for the week, I immediately had a lot of ideas. But I knew it would be a little difficult to execute, since I had no prior experience working with a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop.  However, I was motivated.  But this was a few days ago and my emotions and motivation has changed since.

Daily Creates

This week our class was tasked on completing two more daily creates posted on twitter:

I had never heard of the NetNarr Alchemy Lab website before this assignment.  After I created this post by using Canva.com, I took the time and explored the page by clicking on the various activities and prompts.  It was actually very enjoying and fun to play around.  A few of the narratives that I participated in were “to choose your own ending” and listening to various soundbites.

For this assignment, I wanted to create a Pop Art adaptation with bright contrasting colors and imagery associated with weddings.  I created this design using Canva.com by utilizing a card template.  I admit, I probably could have enlarged the font a little to make the text easier to read.  But overall, I was happy with the chosen color scheme and minimal design.

Book Cover assignment

Celebrating 50 years of modern design

Page 2

This was the start of the technical difficulties that I experienced this week.  First I created the book cover using the book cover template on Canva.com.  The more I work with it, the more canva.com has become my favorite design generator.  It has large font tabs that are easy to navigate.  The step by step tutorial is outlined on the original post, which is hyperlinked above.

When it came time to write up the post, wordpress was limiting the amount of media that I could upload, and therefore I was having trouble attaching the screen shots I had taken to show how I created the book cover.  Eventually, I created a flickr account and attached links to the photos.  This was not my original plan, however it completed the task at hand.

The main reason behind why I selected this particular topic is because of my husband’s involvement with the military.  As an Army veteran, he served for sixteen years and was part of the regiment deployment to Iraq in 2001 shortly after terrorist attack.  His service to our military is a minor example of America’s involvement in the War on Terror, which resulted in a dramatic change in our nation’s attitudes and concerns about safety, vigilance, and privacy.  My adaptation on the book cover is to provide a sense of peace in an alternate era, as if the tragic events had never occurred.

Alternative History Assignment


This photo is not the original idea that I had in mind.  However, I could not fully execute the image that I wanted to create in Adobe Photoshop or in any of the available photo editor tools.  What I had intended was to modernize an image of the World Trade Center and to present an option of what it may look like today.  I felt like I did not have the knowledge to create the building that I had in my head.  Instead, I transposed two images  to depict the World Trade Center in the background of the path of the High Line parkway.    The picture above shows that I tried to maneuver through the photo editor to the best of my ability, even though I failed at creating what I had intended.

Word cloud assignment – worth 2 stars

The online tool wordclouds.com was not as user friendly as initially anticipated.  The entire layout appeared cumbersome with minimual instruction provided.  Although there was a “wizard” tab available for novice users, it was still unclear on how to achieve the desired outcome.

In order to create a word cloud, the designer must exhaust an extended amount of time familiarizing with the tool.  A positive function is that it allows flexibility for the words to be formed into any chosen shape.  Users have the option to upload an image, and the program will form the words into the outline depicted in the picture. A picture of the World Trade Center was uploaded by selecting the “shape” tab, and the inputted text was formed into a columnar shape.  The chosen theme for this assignment is the depiction of the World Trade Center in New York City.  The texts are transposed into a column shape, indicating the high-rise and perpendicular aspects of the twin towers.  In this image, “Tower,” “Manhattan,” and “New York” appear to be larger, indicating the significance of the desired effect.   Altogether, the collection of words chosen for this assignment are ones used to describe the actual structure of the building itself, and not of the tragedy or aftermath that occurred during the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Post card assignment – worth 3 stars

The image of the post card is an aerial view of New York City in which the World Trade Center twin towers are prominent.  Since both the North and South towers are intact, this image was taken prior to the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The photographer that took this image is Carol M. Highsmith.

Comments and participation

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All in all, while this week proved to be challenging, this experience in design has open up mind to maybe branching out in another class that could probably teach me the skills that I was trying to achieve.  Any suggestions on what design class to take would be greatly appreciated.

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