Humpty Dumpty did NOT sit on a wall…

The assignment posted for the end of week four seemed to be a little confusing.  Minimal instruction was provided, unlike in previous weeks.  While the mid-week assignment was filled with various cinematic filming techniques, there was never any direction given on the actual video editing aspect of film.  As a result, all of my video assignments were produced using iMovie either on iPhone or MacBook.  I had never utilized this application before, so I enlisted the aid of various Youtube tutorials and Apple message boards to achieve my desired product.  But the more I worked with iMovie, the more I felt comfortable editing my photos and video clips with it. In the end, I was glad to be forced to open up an application on my phone that I had never worked with before.

The Lenny Movie – worth two stars

This is the first video montage I completed with the use of iMovie on MacBook.  When I read the assignment description, I felt it was a “no brainer” choice.  There’s no question that I own a dog, and already have multiple pictures of him stored in my phone.  However, compiling all the pictures into one cohesive montage took a little bit of effort, and I was happy with the end result.

Lake Views – worth four stars

This time lapse video took an entire day to complete.  Video clips of the neighborhood lake were captured at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12 noon, 6:00pm. 7:00pm, and 8:40pm.  If I did not have a prior engagement, a video would have been shot around 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

I could not figure out how to “blend” the different video clips without adding in a “cross dissolve” transition.  In the end, I decided that the transition worked really well to create a gradual transition from one image to the next.  Without the “cross dissolve,” each clip would just “jump” into the next.

Walking it Out – worth two and a half stars.

This was another video clip taken in my neighborhood.  If this was a three star assignment, this is what I would have utilized as my “alternate nursery rhyme ending” assignment.  I normally take walks around the neighborhood, and as I was filming, I felt myself speeding through my walk so that I would not have such a long, monotonous video.  It was not until I started editing the video, did I realize there was an option to either increase or decrease the rate of speed.

The Making of Humpty Dumpty – worth two stars.

I was glad I was able to tie in my nursery rhyme assignment to this video assignment.  I am not much of a creative person, however I thought that creating a Humpy Dumpty character constitutes as being art.

So Much to Do, So Little Time – worth three stars.

The alternate ending of my chosen nursery rhyme is that if given the option, Humpty Dumpty would not sit on a wall. He would realize that he has responsibilities to attend to, namely in daily chores and housework.  These daily chores including walking the dog, doing laundry, making dinner, and vacuuming.  The vacuuming piece was a little difficult to film, with a hard boiled egg and a heavy vacuum cleaner in the same hand.  The other hand was trying to keep the camera steady.

All in all, I hope I fulfilled all the requirements of week four, since no checklist was provided.  While I enjoyed filming these assignments, editing the video clips was more difficult that I expected.  However, I am thankful I was able to utilize an video editing application at my finger tips.



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