Sound the Alarm!

What is audio?  How does audio work for you?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “audio” as “of or relating to acoustic, mechanical, or electrical frequencies corresponding to normally audible sound waves which are of frequencies approximately from 15 to 20,000 hertz.”  “Sound” is defined as “a particular auditory impression.”  Most of us take sound for granted.  Being able to hear is a sensory developed in utero.  The inner ear is fully developed by approximately within the twentieth week of pregnancy, and babies are born with fully developed hearing.  What would you do if all of a sudden, you could not hear?  What sound would you hate to lose?

This week, the class was asked to reflect on how audio is used to tell stories.  If created effectively, sound can be used to evoke emotion, establish a setting, and emphasize mood to a captive audience.  One example of audio storytelling is the podcast Moon Graffiti created by Jonathan Mitchell.

We were asked to provide an audio reflection of the podcast.  Even though the eerie background music of the story made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I felt the environment the narrators were trying to create.  It very much sounded like two astronauts conversing in space, and I had to remind myself that this mission in real life, was successful.

I added a sound byte that I discovered while searching for various topics on soundcloud. It is a compilation of halloween sounds meant to generate the same feeling I felt while listening to Moon Graffiti.  I could not get past the first minute of listening to these sound effects.  As I was listening, my mind started to wonder to haunted houses and scary monsters waiting for you in the dark.  I think it is the idea of unseen bumps and audible screams that can make a person uncomfortable by affecting your senses.


Another accomplishment for the week – creating my very first GIF!

This statue reminds me of a constipated Buddah, which is another reason why I selected it – because of the humor aspect.  However, even though there is technically no actual “audible sound waves” emitting from this GIF, it actually reminds me of the silent films of the late 1920’s such as those staring Charlie Chaplin.  In his movies, he never spoke a word, but audiences could tell what he was thinking and feeling by looking at his facial expressions and body language.  These movies also employed the use of subtitles.  I think this GIF is a perfect representation of the silent movies of the past.

All in all, I feel that sound is a very important aspect to storytelling.  Proven to intensify the particular circumstance, sound media is like the unspoken hero to an effective story.  It can be the essential component which impacts, creates, and accentuates the desired mood and atmosphere.



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  1. This is a very extensive summary! Good Job! I too created Gif for the daily create, and I used the same type of effect on the text as well! I would say that everything did seem a little jumbled in the summary, but that is something that can be changed very easily! Good Job all around!

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