The Making of Humpty Dumpty


This video is to fulfill video assignment #1925 entitled “#SixSecondArt.”  It is worth two stars.  The specification is to produce a six second video of a creation of art.

This assignment was chosen because it partly relates to the nursery rhyme character selected for the mid week assignment.  The video shows the construction of Humpty Dumpty, the nursery rhyme character who will be depicted in the alternate ending of a nursery rhyme video assignment.  This video was created and edited using the iMovie application on the Apple iPhone.  The original clip is forty two seconds long.  In order to shorten the length, the speed of the video was increased to 4x the original speed.  The sound effect called “cartoon ascending” was added to the background to indicate a rushed or hurried period of time.  The final product is eleven seconds in length.

Walking it Out


This video is to fulfill video assignment #1537 entitled “Exercise and Socialize.” The requirement is to film a personal video of a stroll around the neighborhood.  It is worth two and a half stars.

This video was created with with iMovie application on the Apple iPhone.  A video of the afternoon stroll was recorded, than uploaded as an iMovie project.  The original video was recorded as a continuous clip, topping out at five minutes and twenty-six seconds.  The speed of the clip was increased to 8x the normal speed, which brought the movie down to two minutes and forty-three seconds.  The Apple sound effect titled “Playful” was added as a background accompaniment to indicate an easygoing afternoon stroll.

Lake Views

This video is to fulfill video assignment #1654, entitled “Time Lapse.”  Multiple one to two second clips of the same location were captured, then combined in a single video clip to highlight the differences seen throughout the day.  This assignment is worth four stars.

The location of this assignment is a man-made lake within the neighborhood. iMovie on MacBook was utilized as the preferred video editing application for the creation of this short film.  The individual video clips were highlighted and selected to be merged together into a single movie project.  A “cross dissolve” transition was placed in-between each clip to create a gradual transition from one image to the next.  Each image is played in realtime, and the actual sounds of the lake can be heard.

The Lenny Movie

The video below is to fulfill video assignment #2234 entitled “Pupper Appreciation.”  It is worth 2 stars.  Since the blog is entitled “Adventures in the life of a dachshund,” this assignment is a personal favorite.  Basically, the directive is to create a short video montage of a favorite pup, and Lenny the dachshund was selected as the star of this short film.

The video was created using the iMovie app on MacBook, where the photos were cropped using the “Ken Burns” style to create the “zoom” effect.  The “standard lower” option was chosen as the title theme to highlight “Lenny” on the bottom lefthand corner of the first two clips, indicating the name of dachshund.  The song playing in the background is “Just like Heaven” sung by Katie Melua.  It was chosen to compliment the video montage and indicate a “happy” and “carefree” mood.